Summer Reading Challenge 2022

Try Something New

Monday 25th July to Friday 16th September

Can you pledge to read 5 books in 8 weeks this summer?

Image shows 4 Agatha Raisin covers and a 5th book on Ghosts

Easy you say! But here’s the challenge: 4 can be anything you like - fiction or non-fiction BUT your 5th choice needs to be something that’s completely out of your lane. Perhaps a choice from your least favourite genre? If that’s ghost stories? Try one! Never liked Biographies? Delve into our Biography categories and find one to try. Or for our younger members who love Tom Fletcher, why not try a Jeff Kinney ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ book instead?

The important thing is to find a book that you would never normally read and give it a go.

All you need to do is complete the simple form below to sign up and then when the 8 weeks are up, we’ll contact you all to ask what your 5th choice book was and what you thought of it. Reading something different may just cement your views that those aren’t the books for you. But maybe, by trying something different, you’ll discover a whole new category of books to explore!

All members who sign up will be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

Help us spread the love of books

Want to take on the summer reading challenge and also fundraise for Calibre? Or why not spread the love of books and encourage at least one friend or family member to join in too.

For anyone looking to make a real difference, why not get sponsored to complete the challenge? If you're up for that, head over to our fundraising page which will give you all the details on setting up a JustGiving page, an easy way to manage your sponsors to leave you time to get reading!