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Choose your audiobooks and how you listen to them

We believe that everyone deserves to lose themselves in a good book and our audiobook services can be accessed to suit every individual's needs.


Audiobooks can be streamed directly from our website to your mobile, tablet or computer.


Our audiobooks are available to download through iOS and Android.

Memory Stick

Memory sticks will be posted directly to your home, with our free postal service.


Calibre Audio is also available through In Your Pocket, "The simple talking smartphone for visually impaired people".

[Calibre Audio] has kept me in touch with reading. It has saved my mental health in many ways, when loneliness could have overcome me, keeping me company in many a quiet moment and helping me cope with my enforced blindness.
Calibre Member, Guildford
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Who can join?

We support anyone who is unable to see, read, manipulate or comprehend printed text due to difficulty or inability. This can include:

  • A learning disability, such as dyslexia;

  • A brain injury or cognitive impairment such as head trauma or stroke;

  • A visual impairment or blindness;

  • Long COVID

  • Physical dexterity problems, including multiple sclerosis (MS), Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Parkinson's disease, arthritis, paralysis, or terminal illness.